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Artist from Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada
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Funiture, mirrors and mosaics from reuse recycled materials

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June 26, 2006
For the past three years I have been body and soul involved in my work - my passion - Mosaic the City. I took the time to create a project, a program that uses all my skills, all my interests and all my focus. I took a step into the unknown, with the faith that all things work out as they should, and that if this were not to be, it simply wouldn't work out. Thank goodness my tenacity has paid off and Community Unity has started to work. Not only am I able to do the project I want to do and turn away projects that just don't work, I am able to create projects that mean something, projects that connect people to each other, to their communities and to the art that will surround them.

For the past few months I have been head down working with my heart open. Commuting each week to Port Alberni and back to Victoria again to juggle not two by three projects (while also planning others). Each project with its own set of needs, obstacles and unique people. Each project taking me to a new place of learning and personal growth; each project - helping me learn how to develop this program of CU- into something that can evolve, organically move and flow with the needs, skill sets and desires of the project participants and objectives.

Following my own gut feeling, knowing I could make something happen if I really believed in it. Completely understanding that if my heart and soul were fully open and ready to serve- the idea of Mosaic as a mode of communication, as a process in which to engage community, as a metaphor for community - Mosaic - I could make something magical happen - just me, one person - with a vision, a passion, a purpose. One person - can make a difference in the lives of many. One person can change the face of a building, the face of city - the face of village. One person - one piece at time - with the desire to build community, build Unity - build our ever-changing world - Mosaic the City - Mosaic the World.

Bio 2004

I have lived on Vancouver Island most of my life and the Island is where I gain many ideas. As an artist I have worked hard to let my inspiration guide me. To work outside my comfort zone and experiment with new concepts. I am always looking for new themes and images incorporate into my repertoire. I also CV enjoy traveling to new places to gain knowledge of different art and fresh insight for my work.

I am very interested in my community, both local and global. I strive to provide the message of "use what you have", and "just because its broken doesn't mean it has to be thrown out", within most my work. There are so many things to make art from and so many ways to make it. I love working in recycled materials and make the "something from nothing" philosophy part of all my work. I mostly concentrate on designing mosaics using broken recycled mirror in interesting combinations with tile or china. When I make these recycled treasures I hope they find a new home where everyone imagines how many faces have looked into each piece of mirror, or where each piece of driftwood has traveled from and that they then consider each scratch and nick part of the piece's unique history.

I work with driftwood, which I use to make my army of West Coast Driftures (WCD). During a road trip to Mexico (1998) I met a driftwood artist who taught me the secrets of his art. As soon as I returned to the west coast of British Columbia I knew I had to make driftwood sculptures. My first Drifture was the Sock Monster, who is now part of a private art collection. The Sock Monster was an amazing beginning to this creative journey, as he possessed energy and vitality that was seen by everyone. Because he turned out better than I had imagined, I was propelled into a creative title wave of driftwood transformation. Over the past four years I have built eleven WCDs. As often as I can I scourer the beaches around the island in search of body parts and interesting pieces of driftwood. It can take years to find all the parts for a particular Drifture. Some sections of the sculpture live in my studio for years before being used in a creation. Once I have all the parts I use paper maché and acrylic paint to turn the driftwood into a Drifture. It is a wonderful process watching these magical beings come to life.

I also look forward to a future of bringing people together to make public art. To bring pride and glamour to an area otherwise neglected and forgotten, using recycled materials and inspiration of the community and environment of the area. So keep your eyes on the events page to learn about the next community project.

Have fun viewing my works, please check back often as I am continually updating my pieces and the locations where you can view them.

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Victoria, British Columbia Canada