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Artist from Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada
Canadian Artist - Victoria Canada
Funiture, mirrors and mosaics from reuse recycled materials

Shylene is a mosaicist who incorporates each clients needs with her need to help the environment and she creates mosaics that reflect these. Using the client’s own items and other recycled treasures Shylene makes recycle art look easy. She is not only helping our environment, but also our communities by supplying her customers with art that is unique, resourceful and functional
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  • Commissioned work requires a 50% non-refundable retainer.
Contact Information:

©2002 Shylene
True Mosaic made recycled dish and new mirror.
$500.00 usd
Size: 24" X 40"

I do custom work where I work closely with the likes and ideas of my customers. With custom designed mosaics I am able to add a client's personality by incorporating belongings such as pieces of grandma's old broken china vase, pieces from that special mug, or even old cutlery. Each mosaic takes on a life of its own by combining the needs and desire of the client with the skill and craftswomenship of myself.

Reflections of the Hooges
©2001 Shylene
Mosaic mirror frame made from tile and new mirror.
Size: 48" X 24"
Cost: $1200.00 USD

©2012 Shylene. All rights reserved.
Victoria, British Columbia Canada