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Funiture, mirrors and mosaics from reuse recycled materials

~ Barcelona Spain ~

Shylene on roof top patio

Off to see Gaudi's Works- dreams coming true


Busy traveling in 2004 and 200 kept Shylene out of the studio - not to mention she doesn't have one to work in. Although she did a few projects here and there, she has been gaining inspiration and motivation to continue her work as an artist. Each day being an opportunity to learn about herself, the world and her future outlook on life.

As she continued to work on the community development project Mosaic the City, she gains ideas for writing a children's book, plus other new concepts have joined her mind share. Of course she is always looking for custom projects and other reasons to create.


Interesting news:

Culture makes you live longer: study
Source: Synergy, the electronic newsletter
information for people who value arts and culture
August 14, 2003 -- Volume 14 Number 12

According to a Swedish study, attendance at cultural events, reading, and taking an active role in music can help you live longer. The study concludes that attendance at cultural events may have a "positive influence on survival" due to the intellectual stimulation provided by exposing oneself to culture.
To read the whole study, The general medical journal website

Statistics on the Visual Arts Enthusiast
Source:Synergy, the electronic newsletter
information for people who value arts and culture
June 12, 2003 -- Volume 14 Number 10

Earlier this spring the Canadian Tourism Commission profiled 'Visual Arts Enthusiasts' in two Travel Activities and Motivation Survey reports. A Visual Arts Enthusiast (VAE) is defined as a traveller who visited two of the following during his or her trip: art galleries, international film festivals, or local arts and crafts studios.

Some of the findings from the reports, which compared Canadian and American VAE travel habits:
-VAE's represent the third largest group of travellers to Canada from the United States and the fifth largest amongst domestic travellers.

-In Canada, 66 percent of performing arts patrons are also VAE's; the overlap in the US was 77 percent.

-Canadian VAE's are over-represented in Ontario (particularly in Toronto) and BC and are under-represented in Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

-VAE's who travel to Canada from the US are more likely to live in mid-tier states than the American adult population as a whole. VAE's are more likely to come from southern states than from other areas.

-While American VAE's are fairly distributed by gender and age, 63 percent of Canadian VAE's are female.

-A somewhat higher proportion of Canadian VAE's were born outside of Canada (19 percent) compared to the general domestic travelling population.

-The majority of both Canadian and American VAE's (74 percent in Canada, 75 percent in the US) come from adult-only households.

The surveys suggested that the visual arts markets in both countries should expect to grow at rates faster than average in the future, thanks to aging populations in both Canada and the US and increasing immigration to Canada. Since older travellers and new Canadians tend to participate in more culturally-oriented activities, all of the cultural activity-based segments featured in these analyses can expect strong levels of growth.


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